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The Welsh National Sailing Academy and Events Centre .


A copy of the Plas Heli Child Protection Policy is available here

A copy of the advert place to seek expresion of interest for Directors of Plas Heli Cyf - pdf here

The Company
Plas Heli Cyf, the operator of The Welsh National Sailing Academy and Event Centre, is a not for profit company with limited liability by guarantee.

The Company will set the policy framework for the use of the facility and ensures that it performs to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism and in accordance with the objectives of the Company as set out in the Articles of Association which incorporates the Vision Statement.

The Company will provide a framework for making the facility available for use for:

  • events; including sailing events
  • education community user groups
  • members of the community
  • community groups
  • clubs and including outdoor activity clubs and groups
  • Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club.

The Company will undertake periodic Strategic Reviews so that the Company can continue to successfully deliver its mission and ensure that the Academy is a leader in youth development through sailing and on-the-water boating experience.

Although the Company will be a “not for profit” organisation it will demonstrate its financial viability and sustainability by effective budgeting and business planning. It must seek to make annual surpluses and build up reserves scrutinising and changing the financial budgets, accounts and financial statements until they fulfil the objectives of the Company.

The payments of dividends and/or distributions to the Company’s members is prohibited and the Directors must apply the Company’s profits in promoting the Objectives of the Company
The Company will ensure that the facility at all times and in all areas of activity, promotes the Welsh language and culture.

The Company will ensure that all staff appointments and employment agreements entered into meet with the standards provided by the Company.

The Company will ensure the security of tenure and, to the extent only that it does not contradict the aims of Plas Heli Cyf, support the aims of Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club as the resident heart and source of sailing knowledge and expertise.

The Company will through its own activities and the actions of the user groups and clubs:-

  • Support people of all ages, backgrounds, ability, and in particular young people, to develop their potential
  • Seek the highest standards in all activities of the Academy
  • Manage professionally and efficiently
  • Value and respect staff and volunteers
  • Appropriately harness the enthusiasm of volunteers and supporters
  • Manage the facility and equipment to the highest standards
  • Communicate effectively and openly

The Company Board will comprise eleven members with a suitable mix of backgrounds and attributes and possess collectively the knowledge, skills and experience needed to effectively manage the Facility. 

The initial Directors will assume a proactive role in the development of the Governance and business strategies and specifically, in time, the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer (Centre Manager) who would then assume executive responsibilities on a day to day basis.

There will be an approved appointments selection process to select the initial members of the Board based on an agreed matrix of skills.

Initially there will be three Lay Members among the eleven board members (Directors). The Lay Members (Directors) will help ensure that the Board is aware of public aspects of issues being discussed and ensure that public communications are made in a way that is understandable to non-specialists.

There will also be three 'User Group Representatives’ who will ensure that the views of the users are communicated to the Board. These ‘Representatives’ will attend and speak at Board Meetings but will not be members of the Board (Directors) or have voting rights. The Board will, however, take full account of their views in arriving at decisions.

Initially Directors may serve on the Board for three years before they are eligible for re-election and no director may serve for more than nine consecutive years. A Director who retires at an AGM may, if willing to act, be re-appointed Subject to a maximum of nine consecutive years.

Using the Matrix as a guide the members of the Company Board will be recruited to fill vacancies as they arise.

It is expected that there will be working committees e.g events, finance, community, user groups, marketing etc.

The initial Directors of the Board of Plas Heli Cyf will be responsible for the strategic direction of Plas Heli Cyf as the Welsh National Sailing Academy and Event Centre and will ensure that the facility operates in accordance with the objectives of the company as set out in the Articles of Association.

It is expected that the initial Directors will assume a proactive role in the development of the Governance and business strategies and specifically, in time, the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer (Centre Manager) who would then assume executive responsibilities on a day to day basis.

The Directors will monitor the performance of the company and assist in the development of business opportunities and the promotion of the facility as an Academy for education and community use.

Key Responsibilities and Obligations of a Board Member/Director:
Please note that these are in addition to the statutory duties of directors in the Companies Act 2006 which will apply and details of which can be provided on request.
1. Corporate Management

  • Oversee the development, prioritisation and implementation of Plas Heli Cyf’s business strategy, policies, plans and budgets.
  • Through utilisation of best organisational development and human resources policies and practices, shape and drive service delivery to motivate all employees, enabling them to provide a high quality service to user groups, clubs and customers.
  • Provide motivational leadership, support and development to the Executive and senior management team and all staff, maximising the organisation’s capability and ensuring it operates in a way that responds to the organisation’s priorities as well as stakeholders’ needs and expectations.
  • Ensure that Plas Heli Cyf conforms to and is aware of best practice in all areas including equality, diversity, access and inclusion. Working closely with the various and diverse communities that the Group is part of.
  • Ensure that decisions taken by the Board are in Plas Heli Cyf’s best interests and that legal, regulatory and moral responsibilities are met.
  • Ensure Plas Heli Cyf is well managed and business plans, financial plans, policies and budgets are adopted that set out and deliver objectives that are achievable.
  • Be familiar with the work of Plas Heli Cyf, attend appropriate training and induction events to keep knowledge up to date and relevant and represent Plas Heli Cyf as required.
  • Ensures that Plas Heli Cyf deploys resources appropriately to fulfil the requirements of the funding authorities and meet the agreed output targets.
  • Ensures that, throughout the company, there is knowledge and appreciation of the Welsh Language and that the Language Policy is adhered to.
  • Participate in regular appraisal of performance in order to strengthen the Board and governance.

2. The Board

  • Attend Board and Committee meetings regularly, participate fully in discussions and share responsibility within the decision making process.
  • Declare any conflicts of interest and withdraw from any proceedings of the Board where a conflict may exist.
  • Periodically review and make recommendations on Governance structures, standards and policies together with the framework of delegated authority and reporting systems so that Board members are able to control and monitor Plas Heli Cyf’s work effectively.
  • Help maintain a skilled and experienced Board. Keep under review the membership of the Board, any Subsidiaries and/or committees, to ensure appropriate levels of skills, experience, and representation, leading on development and the recruitment of new members when necessary.
  • Board Members recognise a shared responsibility for decisions of the Board and undertake to abide by decisions of the Board and its Committees and uphold the doctrine of collective responsibility.
  • Treat Board information and discussions as confidential until advised to the contrary.
  • Be as open in communication within the Board as possible.
  • Request and consider the professional advice of Officers and others before reaching any decision.
  • Consider the need for external advice to the Board where there are material concerns about matters of probity or business interests.
  • Not to do anything to undermine the work or reputation of Plas Heli Cyf.
  • Comply with Plas Heli Cyf’s policies relating to gifts and hospitality.
  • Ensure commitment to Plas Heli Cyf’s Equal Opportunities and Welsh Language Policy.
  • Be involved in the appointment (and if necessary the dismissal) of senior staff.
  • Board Members are expected to be members of at least one Committee.
  • Board Members are requested to provide whenever possible, at least six months notice of their intention to retire from the Board.

3. Promotion of Plas Heli Cyf

  • Promote Plas Heli Cyf externally to agencies, potential partners and in general ensure that good internal and external communications and relationships are developed.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to liaise with and better understand the needs of the user groups, clubs, clients and customers.
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with the local authorities, Government and other public, voluntary and private sector partners ensuring that water sports, outdoor pursuits and relevant associated activities continue to play a fundamental role in the overall sustainability of local communities.

4. Operational Services

  • Lead the organisation to achieve excellence in customer service to deliver appropriate local offers, ensuring that the activities of Plas Heli Cyf are carried out to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism and in accordance with regulatory requirements, statutory bodies, relevant legislation and best practice.
  • Ensure all activities associated with Plas Heli Cyf are managed effectively and efficiently, and that strategies are devised and implemented to enable customer involvement throughout Plas Heli Cyf.
  • Assist in the development of asset management and property strategies and policies to embrace Plas Heli Cyf’s objectives.
  • Assist with Plas Heli Cyf’s organisation development and human resource strategies.

President and Vice Presidents

Plas Heli Cyf will also have a President and Vice Presidents.

The role of the President and Vice Presidents is considered important as they will ensure that the Directors of Plas Heli Cyf follow the company’s objectives as set out in the Articles and in particular the Vision Statement.

They will also ensure adherence to the Company’s core values of integrity, dedication to excellence and service to member and guests.

The Vice Presidents will offer themselves as wise advisors or sounding boards for the Directors and Chief Executive Officer. 

The Vice Presidents will decide on the regularity and structure of their meetings They will not be members of the Board (Directors) or have voting rights. They will receive copies of Board meetings minutes and they will make recommendations to the Board who will take full account of their collective views.

They will, in consultation with the Directors, decide on the process of electing a President.

The role of a Vice President may suite a person who has expressed an interest in becoming a Director but considers that role to be too onerous or they are unable to make the level of commitment required of a Director.

The initial appointment of Vice Presidents will follow the same procedure adopted for the Directors.

Mae Plas Heli Cyf, sy’n rhedeg Academi Hwylio Genedlaethol Cymru a’r Ganolfan Digwyddiadau ym Mhwllheli, yn gwahodd rhai i fynegi eu diddordeb mewn gwirfoddoli i fod yn Gyfarwyddwyr y cwmni di-elw hwn. Gwnewch gais cyn Medi 23ain am y pecyn gwybodaeth drwy e-bost at:
Plas Heli Cyf the operator of The Welsh National Sailing Academy and Event Centre in Pwllheli seeks expression of interest from volunteers wishing to become Directors of the not for profit company. Apply, before 23rd September, for an information pack to :


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Contact Information

Plas Heli Cyf Glany Don, Pwllheli, Gwynedd LL53 5YT

Bar:        01758 614 442
Office:   01758 613 343 - Please note: the telephone is not manned and your enquiries would be attended to more efficiently if you send an e-mail to the appropriate department see contact us here

Company Registration No. 08082514
VAT No. GB 164061430